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Drinking & Driving
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Against Drunk Driving CanadaCanada

A Canadian, non-profit, registered charity, founded in 1983.

Alcohol Alert!

Powerful, talking, coin-operated alcohol breath testers. No inventory, stocking or vendor's license required.

Alcohol Countermeasure SystemsCanada

Breath alcohol testing equipment, ignition interlock devices, and disposable and accessory products.

American Alcohol Analysers

Manufacturer of coin operated, talking breath alcohol analysers.

California Deuce Defenders

Association of California attorneys and other professional practicing in the area of drunk driving defense.

California Drunk Driving

Everything you need to know about first offender DUI, drinking, driving and drugs.

California DUI - A Drunk Driving Law Guide

Everything you need to know if you are arrested for drunk driving: laws, penalties, defenses, lawyers, license suspensions, car insurance.

Canadian Impaired Driving Debate, TheCanada

For teachers and webmasters.

Canadian Impaired Driving Information PageCanada

By Stephen R. Biss, barrister and solicitor.

Century Council, The

Fighting drunk driving and underage alcohol abuse.

Court TV's Legal Café: Drunk Driving

Excerpted from The Court TV Cradle-to-Grave Legal Survival Guide, an easy-to-read, in-depth explanation of the law as it affects all aspects of daily life.

Drinking & Driving

Identifies issues associated with drunk driving and identifies science-based solutions.

Driving While Intoxicated

Part of the Reasonable Drivers Unanimous site.

Drunk Busters of America

Innovative and affordable tools developed by a veteran police officer to help in the fight to stop drunk driving.

Drunk Driving - Alcoholism Net Links

Alcoholism net links.

Drunk Driving Demo

Chrysler Neon interior.

Drunk Driving Enforcement & Prevention

Resources for victims and their families.

Drunk Driving Law Center

Comprehensive and authoritative DUI/DWI legal information, from the attorney-author of the leading legal text, "Drunk Driving Defense, 5th edition".

Drunk Driving Violations

Description of Michigan's drunk driving laws.

Drunk Driving: `A sobering experience'

By Tammy Campbell.

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